The images on this page can be quite confrontational.  They are real cases, and the images portray the realities of Diabetes.

Unhealthy Feet

Your feet are supplied with blood to keep them healthy, and a multitude of nerves that act as an emergency warning system. However, if your Diabetes is poorly controlled for a long period of time, this may lead to:

  • Nerve damage or 'Peripheral Neuropathy',which impairs sensation to the feet and/or
  • Reduced blood supply, also known as 'poor circulation 'which can cause injuries or infections to your feet. eg. cuts, burns or scratches to take longer to heal.

Both Peripheral Neuropathy and Poor Circulation play a part in ulcerations of the feet.

Assessment by Podiatrist

A six monthly foot assessment by your Podiatrist will help to detect any changes early. In an assessment your Podiatrist will examine your circulation and nerve sensation. Your Podiatrist will also look for general foot conditions which may lead to future problems. They will work with you to show you how to monitor your own feet in between consultations.
At Morrison Podiatry Centre we specialise in the assessment, treatment and prevention of Diabetic foot complications.

Additional information

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